Hey there !

I’m Stephanie and I want to welcome you to the “So This One Guy” project!

I don’t know about you, but I am the girl that is always meeting the crazy guys and I  always have a story to share with my girlfriends.  Every time I would link with one of my homegirls and they ask about my dating life, I unfortunately had a situation to share with them.,  they will ask about my dating life and I always had a situation to share with them.  I wasnt the only one though, I had other girlfriends finding themselves in crazy situations with the men they would meet, then I met more women and more women. So I decided it was time we documented these stories, for the sake of woman kind, so other single ladies in the quest to find love would see that it they werent alone!.

So This One Guy is my project, where I simply share the stories of us girls, discussing the foolishness that goes down in these relationships we find ourselves in. From wives showing up on first dates, to men asking for money all the way down to a naked farmer that told us to “do you” WHAT?! Yep ,I think its safe to say that we all have stories about the fools we meet.

So please check out the stories.. Let me know what you think and of course consider sharing your story!
Thanks again for being here